5-Steps To Autism Parenting Confidence and Success

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You are committed to being the hero your child needs, but the contradictory opinions and information you receive from well-meaning sources leave you with no real answers. You are searching for strategies that work. You are ready to do what it takes to end the daily conflicts and overwhelm and to embrace a peaceful home.

We can help.

You don’t need another book or comment from your mother-in-law. What you need is a system of proven strategies that you can use to flow with your child instead of fighting against them – to help your child not need to melt down to communicate. You need an effective, straightforward approach and the support to identify the exact steps to implement the new strategies in everyday circumstances.

You know that the challenges do not improve on their own, and you know that your outdated, inconsistent attempts at discipline don’t work.

Your program changed the way I see my child.

I feel like a have such a better understanding of him that guides my own actions to help him so much more effectively. I love the way you reach the heart when you teach, and you give another perspective for ASD. My stress is down, my confidence is up. I see big changes in my son which is exciting and so many areas of family life have improved. What a gift this has been in our lives.

Isabella C.

New York

We are different

The limited education and support that does exist for parents of autistic children is doomed to fail. Why? Because it isn’t designed to actually help with parenting. Sometimes it is offered by a therapist or teacher who suggest tools that may work for a professional in a school or office setting. But those strategies don't address the emotional experience of parenting, and they don’t work at home with a parent and child. Other times, parents are offered information with no practical support on how to use it. Occasionally, parents are offered “support” in the form of a place to vent – which might feel good in the moment but does not teach them how to reduce the challenges that are causing the need to vent.

Our system works. We offer practical, straightforward, parent-tested solutions. We teach you effective strategies, walk you through the entire process, step-by-step, and coach you every step of the way. We don’t just give you answers, we teach you how to problem-solve so that you build unshakeable confidence that you will feel successful no matter what arises. Best of all, the changes you experience are lasting because you have developed a parenting skill-set and mindset that will support you as your child grows.

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Your program changed the way I see my child.

The program offered not only helpful strategies but also new perspectives that help me understand and relate better to my son. The frequency and severity of his aggressive outbursts have decreased significantly. He and I have a better understanding of each other and a better relationship overall. I have become a better advocate and voice for him until he gains full speech. The program leader meets you where you are and offers very practical ways to troubleshoot challenges. APS helped me be relieved of my dreaded parental guilt and has made me feel successful!! And most importantly, my son is happier as a result of our mutual growth.

Tanya M.

New York

Your program has given me new skills and tools, and has helped me change my mindset in so many ways.

The Program taught me that I can aim for progress and also be happy with whatever my son achieves. Loving and accepting your child exactly as they are AND wanting more for them are not conflicting ideas. The Program woke me up to a better reality, where I can help my child be who he can be, without fear. Combining these new ideas with all of the clear strategies and tools that I know how to USE has already made big improvements in our lives and I feel so optimistic about the future.

Neilson D.


This program was truly life changing.

When I started the program, my two autistic children were having daily outbursts and meltdowns that led to almost unbearable stress that kept compounding. I have seen so many positive changes in my children as well as in myself. I am able to support them more effectively, my parenting stress has been dramatically reduced and my confidence in parenting has skyrocketed. The instructor cared deeply about finding solutions to my issues, and I appreciated being able to ask anything without judgment. It’s such a beautiful experience to be in this program and I thank God for giving me this opportunity. I have now found the solutions I’ve been seeking.

Sandy E.


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